Thursday, March 24, 2011

JAXWS annotations

In the previous post I discussed how to create a simple JAX-WS enabled web service. For accomplishing the same we used the following 2 annotations:

  1. @WebService
  2. @WebMethod

By using the above 2 annotations and a number of pre-defined defaults for annotations not added we were able to generate a WSDL mapping to the Java implementation. In case we wish to customize the WSDL generated, JAX-WS gives us a set of annotations that can be used. The different annotations come from 3 different JSR's and can be used to customize the different parts of the WSDL. The different JSR's are:

  1. Web Services Metadata Annotations (JSR 181)
  2. JAX-WS Annotations (JSR 224)
  3. JAX-WS Common Annotations (JSR 250)

One point worth noting here is that these annotations are useful in customizing the WSDL file but not the JAXB binding part of it. If we want to customize the JAXB binding (i.e. the XSD Schema details) we need to add JAXB annotations on the JAXB classes (request/response parameters).

To get a list of each of the annotations in JAXWS please refer the following site.

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